Asset integrity group is one of the pioneers Rope Access Training and Services.

Rising from a small man-powered driven team since establishment in 2016 based in Kathmandu, our mission remains to provide its clients with advanced, outstanding quality and efficiency at competitive prices. The core business started off by receiving contractual projects by larger Enterprises of that time. Eventually, with a sizable portfolio and experience, we managed to bid for their own projects.

Vision, Mission and Value

Vision, Mission, Values

Asset Integrity Group has great expectations and aim to be the leader in our developing industry. We’ve built our consistent task of high-specification; Oil and Gas storage plant, bridges and high raise building in Nepal. Our Technical staff is key to providing safe, quality rope access services to our customers, so we seek those who are the best at what they do. In our mission to become the best rope access, we are committed to helping our employees achieve their top performance. Asset Integrity Group is determined to develop the most capable and passionate team members, which is fundamental to our vision to be the preferred rope access contractor. 


To be recognized as the first preferred of customers, rope access contractor throughout the world.


Asset Integrity group commits to be the best rope access, highest safety standard and quality of service by focusing on skill of our staff and technical abilities to meet customer satisfaction.


Asset // Taking responsibility for our actions and performance as individuals and as a company

Integrity // Acting honestly and fairly in all we do

Group// of people highly trained and experienced


Rudra Bahadur Gurung

Managing Director

14 years of relevant experience in  Rope Access and NDT Inspector/ IRM (Civil Construction, Oil and Gas Industry) Middle East, Europe , Africa and South Asia. 

Alisha Gurung

HR Assist.

Komala Khadka


Durga Gurung


Man Maya Gurung

Training Co-ordinator

Yam Bahadur Gurung

Service Manager

Buddhi Gurung

Irata Assistant Trainer


Irata Assistant Trainer